The era of Electric Vehicle(EV) is around the corner. Sheet metal stamping manufacturers need to be prepared for the upcoming growth of EVs including light weighting with emerging more formable Aluminum and AHSS Gen3 sheet materials.

Considering the results of the formability of these new materials that have been driven by advanced testing and characterization, advanced virtual simulations, Optistamp is a cutting edge, high tech company to help stampers, OEMs, Tier 1, Tier 2 and tool shops to gain confidence and efficiently adaptation of this new era of EVs.

The results of the virtual sheet metal forming process is strongly driven by;

    • The accuracy of incoming sheet material properties as finite element (FE) input
    • Correct testing methods used to obtain these mechanical properties
    • Advanced definition of these mechanical properties in FE simulations
    • Accurate reflection of the actual process parameters in FE simulation setup

OptiStamp is dedicated high tech company to help sheet metal formers with advanced sheet material testing, material characterization, and the state of art FE simulation software Stampack to create lean and robust sheet metal forming processes. Please contact our consulting services for Aerospace and Automotive industry.

Courtesy S .Keeler

Courtesy S .Keeler

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