Application Areas

The combination of shell and volume simulation in Stampack Xpress enables versatile applications. 

  • Body in white parts
  • Interior parts
  • Connecting elements and carrier plates
  • Electrical connectors and cable guides
  • Metal containers, cans, lids and caps
  • Housings for electrical, household and hydraulic devices
  • Household appliances such as baking trays, cake pans, and kitchen sinks
  • Heat shields and aluminum foils

Benefits of using Stampack Xpress in sheet metal forming:

  • Shell and solid simulation included in one software environment
  • It can be used by both experienced simulators and novice simulators.
  • Stampack has a direct interface to the CAD / CAM solution VISI
  • It requires no additional license fees for the use of all processor cores
  • Offers a license model with a classic purchase license

Stampack Xpress

Forming simulation for stamping tool designers.

By using Stampack Xpress, all forming processes for prototype, progressive and transfer tools are efficiently simulated in a short time. Potential problems are identified early on. The entire design and manufacturing process is secured; the number of costly tool modification loops is significantly reduced.

Stampack Xpress offers intuitive user guidance, consistently speaks the language of the toolmaker and does not require any prior knowledge of the finite element method.

Volume Simulation

Stampack Xpress offers 3D volume element for the non-plain stress forming processes that can be simulated with maximum accuracy for especially the thicker sheet materials. The 3D simulation model considers stresses and strains in the thickness direction during the calculation. Forming processes: Tools contacts, wrinkles, small radii, ironing and coining behaviors can be reliably validated with the 3D volume mesh simulation.

Shell Simulation

The shell simulation is industry standard thanks to the short calculation time. The forming processes with plain stress thin-walled sheets and large drawing radii can be simulated with great accuracy with the shell simulation of the Stampack Xpress. Even with thicker sheets, it is well suited for quick calculations and a meaningful first impression.


The shell and volume technology of the Stampack Xpress offers great Springback prediction with its additional module offers the option of simulating the part jumping open after forming and automatically compensating for the tool surfaces accordingly. Especially with complex, non-linear bends, the springback calculation benefits from the accuracy of the incremental forming simulation in Stampack Xpress. The calculation of the springback is possible both after the shell simulation and after the volume simulation.

Trim Optimizer

The Stampack Xpress Trim Optimizer module is an indispensable tool for designing blank and determining the final trim lines. The trim optimization reduces the material consumption, shortens the product development time, improves the product quality and reduces errors such as folds and tears.


Mechanical forming applications:

  • General mechanical
  • Forming processes and product protection
  • Process simulation of stretch forming applications
  • Process verification of folding applications
  • Forming of thick sheets